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Are You Up Shit Creek? Here’s What You Need To Know To Salvage Shit!

As my first post, I would like to help everyone who thinks misunderstandings are causing their relationships to go off track.

Do you know that I’ve gone through lots of relationships crises that you can almost consider me an expert in them?  Yes, it’s true.  Even my thriving and ever blooming relationship with the love of my life, Kate, had its low moments.  Perhaps the lowest was about a year back when we both fell prey to excessive familiarity.  The way we interacted with each other became so routine it almost killed off all the sparks of love we had for each other.  But we faced the problem head on and made a commitment to set aside time for us to be alone with each other – not necessarily on a full-blown date but just time set aside solely for us to be together.  We also pledged to be more demonstrative and vocal about our love for each other. It worked like a charm!

Every relationship has its ups and downs. It is not always about rainbows and butterflies; it is never a 365-day honeymoon period. But sometimes, some of these bad days are worse than others. And these are the times that put the relationship to the test.

When these times comes you have only two choices: fight or flight. You either quit and leave the relationship and your ladylove, or make an effort to save it.

5 simple techniques that you should know!

If you are experiencing these down times in your relationship, and you so badly want to keep it and keep your girlfriend, these 5 simple techniques might just be all you need to save your ailing relationship; these might be the exact same things that your girlfriend has so long been waiting from you:

Treat her in a more special and loving way. Treat her like she deserves – as the woman you love, and the only one that matters to you. You might have become so familiar with each other that your behavior becomes common, routine, and borderline boring. Go back to the days when you have just started dating, when you were still trying to win her. She would enjoy feeling the same love and attention you gave her in the past. It does not need to be anything grandiose and lavish; it could be as simple as holding her hands in public, helping her with the door, kissing her more frequently, etc.

Go out on dates regularly. You don’t need a special occasion to spend quality time together. Go someplace romantic, do something memorable, and do it as frequently as possible.  Don’t make it plain and routine, that’d make it boring and defeat its purpose. Again, it does not have to be grandiose – just special. And on these moments, don’t let anything distract you. This is your special moment; always savor it, prepare for it, and make her look forward to it. Visit SIBG for tips and techniques that will run your date perfectly!

Don’t fall asleep mad at each other. This is the secret of the longest lasting relationships I know. Before you go to bed, make sure you’ve resolved your differences and that you’ve made peace with each other. An argument that goes overnight is a bad thought to wake up to and ruins your entire day. Moreover, it gets you used to a hostile environment and that’s never a good thing for a relationship.

Always keep your communication lines wide open. Some couples have this bad habit of not talking to each other when they are mad. Some men just shut up when they are angry or during a confrontation; ironically, it is this frustrating silence which causes  women to actually nag more. These habits are bad. Always, always talk with each other no matter how angry you are. Talk normally even when you have not made peace yet – don’t make silence a habit that comes with every argument. And always keep your communication open and comfortable.

Always tell each other ‘I love you’. Remind yourself that you are in love; that you are in the relationship because you love her. And you have to remind yourself that so it channels in your actions towards her. And don’t forget to actually tell her that. Say it even when you’re mad, bored, or tired. Say it as often as you can to remind her why you should remain in a relationship with each other.

Read this article from for more details.

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Jokes Are Useless To Be Used Against Funny Women!!

Hello readers!

I am back again for more tips. Thanks much for liking my previous post. It means a lot! Expect more updates from me.

I’ve never been very comfortable around funny women.  I think that must be because I always try to be funny around the women that I fancy; my ex, Ruby, is the exception.  She and I met on one of the many great beaches here in Moanalua, and she almost immediately had me laughing my head off – she was that funny. Anyway, I kind of saw her great sense of humor as a challenge; I had to prove I can be at least as funny as she was.  We were on for about a year, laughing at each other’s jokes much of the time.  Unfortunately, career took her someplace I was not willing to go and we parted ways.  But it sure was great while it lasted.

Funny women are much harder to impress than regular women. While they may be among the friendliest types of people around, their sense of humor that makes them extra nice to people are what makes them difficult to please. For one, funny women are really, really smart and they can so easily see past your pretense. You can just sashay around in your best pose or your generic pickup lines; that won’t sell you for your targeted funny lady. Is Long distance relationships – tips on how to make them work?

You have to step up to get her attention, to make her want to listen to you and to keep her pinned there. You have to make sure that you have something most other men, especially her guy buddies (which she likely has tons of) have not shown her yet.

Ways to Impress Her

So you want to impress her? Here are 5 things you have to remember the next time you go face-to-face with that one funny lady you’ve been fancying:

1. Talk about your interests. Intelligent women love men who know tons of things. And these funny girls are not the kind who would mind you being a little too dorky about the things that you like. These are women that know passion; these are women who are interested in learning about tons of new things. So whether you’re a fanatic of Norwegian cooking, crazy about computer games, or you have a deep-seated obsession with ancient cards, trust me she will listen if you talk about it in the most interesting way.

2. Be funny. And if you’re not the funny type, well, you can at least try? Funny women are mostly nice and friendly, and unless we’re talking about women who make people laugh for a living, she won’t be very critical about it. So try to be funny to her, she is likely to appreciate it.

3. Find a way to show her some talent of yours. So you have a knack for card tricks, huh? Or you could put a seasoned magician to shame with your magic tricks? Or maybe you could belt out a tune or two. Whatever your talent is, now is the right time to really, really flaunt it because it will definitely get you places with this funny woman. Adam Sandler’s character wasn’t exactly the sexiest man around Drew Barrymore’s character in 50 First Dates, but those ukulele chops really did him a lot of good in impressing her!

4. Tease her. Egg her to say something funny to you. Be playful around her and tease her without offending her. Your playful attitude will likely make her open up to you more and be comfortable around you.

5. Don’t forget to compliment her. So after teasing her and playing around with her, never forget to leave a lasting compliment. Avoid compliments that are very generic and only skin-deep. Funny as they are, these women are, more often than not, very deep thinkers and they would like to think you appreciate them for more than just their looks. Keep the physical compliments at a minimum, and focus more on all her other traits – smart, funny, fun to be with.


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2014 Resolutions!

Happy-New-Year-2014-1-1Hello fellow lovers!

Before I met Kate, you can say that I’ve been around the block more than once.  Because of this I’ve gone through a number of terms of endearment from honey, babe, sweetheart, etc.  I try not to use the same term of endearment I’ve already used before on an ex so the list can be a bit long.  Now however, I have the love of my life and I’ve settled on calling her ‘gorgeous.’  I keep reminding Kate that to me, no matter how  much time passes, she will always be my gorgeous angel.  And she simply calls me ‘blue eyes’ short, she says, for ‘blue-eyed angel.’

Relationships give you the  perfect excuse to call the girl you like the cheesiest, silliest names you can imagine. But just like fashion, some terms of endearment are better off forgotten in the closet or given away to charity. They just should not be allowed to cross over to the next year.

But wait, are you wondering if she likes you? Click here!

Terms of endearment to let go

So unless you’ve been in the same relationship for quite a while, there is no reason to use these terms of endearment for your new relationship in 2014. Why? Because it’s so 2013 (or even older!). Here are some of the terms of endearment to let go for the new year:

Babe/baby. Baby is so 2000s. Everyone’s using it. Every couple in their 20s and below use babe and baby and your new relationship should not join the bandwagon. Can you not be any more creative than that? Britney used this when she was 18 and that was more than ten years ago. So, yeah, you kinda’ get the picture. PS: this has also become a favorite term of endearment between girlfriends and fake friends, all the more reason to actually ditch the nickname for your new girlfriend.

Sweetheart. Unless you’re forty or something, this term is reserved for married couples who have been together at least ten years. Yes, the ten year minimum term is an important requisite, really. This is what mommies call their kids, or what godmothers call their kids. This is what grammy calls you too. So forget about calling your new 2014 girlfriend ‘sweetheart’; wait until you stay married by 2024 at least.

Darling. Another Grandma/Grandpa lovey name. You can reserve this for when you have your very first grandchild. And that won’t be until like 30 or so years from now, that’s quite a long time to find other appropriate terms of endearment before you succumb into the ‘darling’ stage of the relationship.

Sweetie Pie. This is a derivative of ‘Sweetheart’ so it falls under the exact same category.  Forget about using it for the coming new year.

Cupcake. With all those reality shows about cupcakes and cupcake makers over the last two years or so, cupcakes rose to insurmountable fame over those years as well. And ‘cupcake’ has also become a popular nickname for lovers. But the cupcake fad is almost over; the reality show and terms of endearment both. I’d be damned if veggies become the next ‘in’ thing in food reality shows and everyone starts calling each other soybean and sprouts and tofu. But cupcake will have to go for 2014. Try cronuts this year.

Boo. I don’t remember when the song ‘My Boo’ came out and hit the charts. All I know is that it has been so long ago that people just shouldn’t use ‘Boo’ anymore unless addressing their cute, puffy little fur ball of a puppy.  But your girlfriend, not really. Boo should really be back to being the childspeak for ghosts anyway.

Please also visit my last blog post. Thanks!

If you want to keep things classic, ‘Honey’ is your best option. Maybe because honey doesn’t spoil ever? But don’t forget to consider whatever pop culture thing is going to trend this year. Happy New Year!

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She Said NO!? Wut?


Here is a blog post with tips and advice. Hope you will like this one also like my previous blog post. Thanks!

Do you know that it took some time before Kate and I decided to move in together?  When I asked her later what made her wait so long, she simply said she wanted to be sure first.  I can’t disagree because I hesitated too.  The ghost of past failed relationships hounded both of us, but you know what?  The wait helped our relationship become much stronger.  We only moved in when we were emotionally ready.  So if your girlfriend will not move in with you yet, find out why and make the necessary adjustments before asking her again.

In this day and age, there is really nothing surprising about unmarried couples moving in together. In fact, it’s actually become quite the norm. More couples choose to live together because (1) it is more cost-efficient to just share the rent and not have to pay for travel expenses just to be together, (2) to actually spend more time together, and (3) to do away with having to deal with roomies who barge in at ‘inappropriate’ times. (for context, see this interesting article)

Why She Won’t Move in?

That makes it is surprising if your girlfriend refuses to make the big move with you. If that happens, here are some possible reasons why she won’t play house with you (yet?):

1. You have not been together long enough. Well, I wouldn’t get on a weekend getaway with you either if we’ve only been a couple for a weeks. If your relationship is pretty young, it’s only natural for her to want to get to know you more before she makes a life changing decision. Moving out after a breakup is a hassle that she can avoid if she takes a little bit more time dating you before moving in. And now, click here for a guide from on conversations with women.

2. She is not that secure in the relationship yet. Just because you’ve been together for a long time does not necessarily mean your relationship is stable or secure enough emotionally. If this is the case, you may have to make some relationship adjustments to give her the feeling of security she needs to consider sharing life and home with you.

3. She is scared of having to shoulder all the costs. This is possible if you are currently jobless or if you earn less than she does.  Living in together means twice the consumption of electricity, water, and food; it could also mean moving in to a much bigger space with a bigger rent. And if you don’t yet have the job to finance half of those expenses, you may have to wait a bit before asking her to move in.

4. She does not believe in living together before marriage. Ah, then she must be one of the few remaining conservative women in the world. They believe in the traditional ways of courtship – dating, getting serious, getting engaged, getting married, and then living in together. It could be religion, it could be upbringing, or it could also be her personal choice. Whatever it is, you’ll have to live with it or leave it. (Or maybe try to sway her out of it, but don’t get your hopes up mate!)

5. She is not ready to lose her single woman privileges. Even in relationships, we all love a little independence. And for some women, it’s having to come home to her own house, decorated in the way she wants it to be decorated, and not having to deal with someone else and someone else’s mess and life. Maybe she’s enjoying her individuality a little too much.

So, which reason do you think is stopping your girl?

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Bad Boy Is Sexy… But Pathetic

Hello good people!

Have you ever heard the saying that “good guys always finish last?” When I was still trying to win Kate, I had competition from people I consider bad guys.  Unfortunately for me then, at first Kate seemed to gravitate toward the bad guys – unfortunate because I took pride in my good guy reputation.  But then I realized I really did not have to ditch being a good guy, all I had to do was to look sufficiently ‘bad’ and mysterious without actually being one.  It worked like a charm, landing me a relationship with Kate, the one woman in the world that I truly love!

Good girls dig bad guys. This is one of the biggest, most mysterious dating behaviors of women that have continued to baffle good men to the benefit of the ‘bad boys.’ Why would good, intelligent, gorgeous and loyal women want to be in relationships with men who only want to break their hearts? There’s a mystery for you.

Also see this date ideas and how to get a second date.

Be an attractive Bad Good Guy

how to make her go crazy over you – a tactical guide. While the mystery remains unanswered, there are ways to bring out the bad boy in each of us, if just to to attract the nice girls [15], without actually being bad:

Swap your big sunny, toothy smiles for the half-grin of most dangerous men. Have you ever seen an assassin smile sheepishly? No. So go ahead and practice that half-smile – it looks just as dangerous as it is sexy. For inspiration, check out photos of the devious half of the Salvatore brothers, Damon played by Ian Somerhalder. Learn a thing or two about how to channel those inner devilish charms.

Don’t be too friendly. I’m not saying you should be rude and mean. But cut down the social butterfly status and go for the quiet, mysterious, shy guy who likes to be alone and away from the crowd. If you’ve never watched Twilight (and even if you have, I’m pretty sure you’d deny having watched it), you might want to look at clips of Edward in the first movie where he plays an elusive, quiet, shy gentleman. Trust me; you can get their attention by trying not to get their attention.

Look at people in the eye. Don’t stare too long to be creepy but linger a bit longer than usual. See, shy guys can be quiet too; but the difference lies in how they look at people. The shy guys scan the big picture without necessarily keeping their eyes on one girl for fear of being caught. Meanwhile, bad guys are as quiet and as detached as shy people but they stare – they hold their gaze and lock eyes with the woman they fancy. They stare long enough to get the woman’s attention, capture her curiosity to the point of staring back and then let go of the stare.  Try it.  You can thank me later!

Don’t talk too much. Remember, bad guys are mysterious! Don’t talk too much about yourself, don’t go out too much, and don’t be too active on social media. Bad guys always keep a low profile and keep the ladies waiting for him to reveal more of himself. Remember, women are interested in men they know nothing about so keep them asking by giving details in dribbles. Reserve the detailed answer for the one special girl that you really like.

Don’t be too neat. While being hygienic is important, keep a disheveled look for yourself. Grow your hair a little bit longer than allowed, wear dark clothes, and look a little dangerous.

Ever wonder why women can’t seem to resist bad boys? It’s not because they’re jerks – no one likes someone because they’re a jerk. Rather, it’s because they’re confident and assertive – in other words, sexy. Use these pointers to build your masculine confidence and show the world (and all the women in it) who wears the pants! –Read more.

You don’t have to be a real bad guy to get them ladies hooked! You just have to look the part. Good luck Good Bad Guy!

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The One Week Plan

Hi guys!  

What does it really take to win the girl of your dreams? Does it take a lot of effort? Do you really need a lot of time? Or is it a combination of both?

I had some drinks with my good friend Al a couple of days ago.  I was pleasantly surprised when he told me that he and Vicky are still doing very well three years on.  The surprise part comes from knowing that they had a whirlwind courtship; such relationships don’t usually last.  However, Al and Vicky’s love for and commitment to each other allowed them to triumph over every obstacle that came their way.  I guess that proves that, given sufficient effort, it’s possible for “instant” relationships to last.

“Everything is almost instant these days. We are living such fast-paced lives that we ourselves cannot seem to do this one thing: wait. Fast food, speed dating, quickies – everything these days is a glamorized version of something instant, or an instant version of something glamorous.”

But…. Why is everyone in a hurry anyway? Why is everyone rushing everything including relationships?!

I am, traditional and old school-ish that I am, not the biggest fan of shortcuts and doing things hurriedly. I hate getting results half-baked. However, since everyone seems to be in a hurry and everything has to be done in a jiffy, these dating tips may be timely (Would anyone actually want me to give tips on long courtships?).

One week courtship plan!

So gents, here’s a one week courtship plan to convince her to become your girlfriend in just a week:

Day 1: Invite her for lunch. Lunch seems like a very friendly, but still very intimate, type of date. She would not get too confronted and too shocked with the idea of going out with you; remember, she is still getting used to the idea of having you around. Instead of taking her to a diner, go over to a quaint little resto or better yet show u with a picnic basket and take her to the nearest park.

Day 2: Randomly show up with some flowers. It is important that this day be free of any special occasion otherwise, your flowers won’t be as “random” as it is special. Don’t get those elaborate only-a-rich-Casanova-can-afford type of bouquets; go for one that is so simple that anyone would think it was spontaneous; that will make it so charming that she can’t resist it.

Day 3: Invite her on a fun and casual date. Beer and a local band, some dim sum, bowling – anything that will fit your description of “Casual” and “Fun” would do. This will give her a pretty clear picture of how much fun you can have together. Drop some hints of how great you feel when you’re together and how much fun it is. You also can drop a few compliments every now and then but don’t overdo it to the point of bordering on being creepy. But remember the rules on giving compliments to women!

Day 4: Take her out to a very romantic dinner. The secret to successfully implementing this one-week plan is to make sure that during this whole week you don’t act provocatively or even hint at anything sexual. That will just ruin the whole plan and she’ll be turned off.  The secret is to lay off sexual topics for as long as possible. It will make her respect you more for respecting her and for wanting her for more than just her body.

Day 5: Bring her somewhere that allows her to experience your hobbies. This is her not only getting to enjoy your company but this is actually the first step to her entering your world. What better way to know the person than to experience the things that he loves doing, right?

Day 6: Invite her over to dinner at your place. This move is basically opening up your life to her – and there’s not a better place to do that than at your most vulnerable and yet most comfortable space: your home. But of course you have got to prepare yourself and your home for it.

Day 7: Ah, but of course, this is the day of the big reveal. This should be special and memorable but without going overboard -don’t make it too hard to top as you may have to propose marriage one day! Take her out at sunrise, or somewhere very scenic – this is important; beautiful views greatly increase your chances of getting a positive answer.

The great thing about this is that you’ve put enough effort without taking too long to execute the plan. Remember, girls love effort! And that’s as much as you can do in a week to convince a lady – in the most proper way – to become you ladylove.

Read some superb dating advice for men. Good luck :)

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I’m back!

Greetings :)

It’s been a while since my last blog post, and I really apologize for that my dear readers and fellow bloggers.

I had a busy schedule and had no time to write some new articles. But hopefully this coming weekend, I can write few and continue to post regularly.

I also received your emails, and hopefully I can get back as soon as possible as I can.

You can view this article from for the meantime!

Well Good day,

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She Already Dumped You. Forget Her…

Greetings beloved readers!

I just ran into an ex while I was visiting Moanalua Gardens Park.  She’officially an ex now but there was a time she dumped me after which I won her back; at least for some time.  The final time we parted it was a mutual decision; Lisa and I realized that we were really incompatible.  Because of that, our chance meeting and resulting conversation was pleasant.  It brought back only good memories.  My past with Lisa proved that getting dumped does not mean the end of your relationship is final.

She Already Dumped You. Forget Her…

Love may be lovelier the second time around, but getting there may not exactly be as easy.

Getting back with your ex-girlfriend is one huge decision that comes with even bigger requirements the moment you take it. It is twice, thrice, maybe even four or five times more difficult than winning her the first time around. This time you have a history. And while at some point it may be to your advantage, it is an obstacle most of the time. It will not be easy to woo her [6] this time around.

That is why you have to work harder and plan your dates more thoroughly. How you execute every date this time around will matter more than it did in the past. So where you take her to and what you do at every date will make or break your second chance at love.

Want her back?

After learning how to ask a woman out – advice from Sonic Seduction. Here are your best date options for winning your ex-girlfriend:

Relive your first meeting, first date, or any significant firsts the last time you were together. Man, you have history. You had better use that to your advantage! Use your good memories together, the ones that would conjure up the most poignant, Hallmark channel kind of stories that you shared. Tap into her emotion – remind her why she loved you the first time. Of course, get to work to make it more memorable for her this time around. You can view this article also by

Use all of her old favorites. You should know all these, so by all means use them to your advantage. Make her realize that you still treasure memories of her, that she matters enough for you to remember the little details about her. She may not mention it but trust me; she will notice it and it can only translate to plus points on the scoreboard for you.

Go the extreme lengths to win her back. Just as there were reasons she once loved you, she must also have had reasons to break up with you. And that’s something you’d like to push aside into the most inaccessible portions of your mind. Try to make your efforts to get back together bigger than the reason for the past breakup. Rent an ad space, have someone serenade her, or fill her bedroom with roses – you name it. Find something that will make her jaws drop and make her forget about and regret why she broke up with in the first place. Apart from that, you are also sending her the right message: you are a much better person now than the last time.

Two things that can help you make that elusive reconciliation happen: creativity and good memories. But you have to realize that your history with each other is a double edged sword; it can work for you in some instances, and the opposite in others.

And best of all, to pull this one off successfully, here are two things that you should never forget: (1) don’t bring up old fights and (2) don’t forget to apologize for what happened in the past.

Also read How to Get a Second Date after a Bad First One for a more effective reconcilation. Good luck!


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Bad First Date? Remedy Is Here…

Greetings Everyone! After my first blog post, I just want to help everybody who asked me, “What could happen after a bad first date?”  Well, read on to the end and try your best to earn a second chance!

I was not born great at dating; I don’t think anybody is!  I have horrible memories of some of my first few attempts at dating back in high school, and even in my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  One of these disasters I remember clearly to this day.  I went out with Cathy, one of the hottest freshmen at the time.  We were at dinner when she mentioned that she loved having dates at that place because her ex worked there – she was using me, and other males as well, to spite her ex!  I never did ask her out again after that.

What do you do after a bad first date? Run away? Change address and hide forever? Move on and get a new date with someone else? Sure, that’s what most men would do. But would you ever consider trying to get a second date?

It sounds ridiculous, of course. After all, no one would be crazy enough to give himself a second dose of rejection, let alone humiliation. That’s ego suicide!

But then again, why not? Everyone deserves a second chance at everything so why should you not give it a second try? Use this chance to give her a better second impression – something that’s good enough to make her forget the bad first impression you gave her. And besides, you may never meet a girl as special as she is. Just think about all the possibilities if you make it past the second date successfully!

Don’t waste your second chance!

Sure there are tons of things to get worried about. You may have failed so horribly on the first one that she might actually think of you as a joke. You may have failed so horribly she might not even answer your call! But then again, it might not have been that bad at all and maybe your fears are just making it seem so horrible.

Convinced about getting a second try? Great! Read this blog post on flirting or this article from Evan Marckatz. Okay! Be ready, here’s what you can do:

Plan an interesting invite. If you’ve botched the first dinner date, don’t expect her to still want to go out to dinner with you. In fact, don’t try to invite her to do anything that’s practically the same thing you did on the first date. It won’t be interesting and it would bring back bad first date memories. If you want to make a new impression, try out something new. Try something that she cannot say ‘no’ to, like a concert, a house party, or something that would strike her fancy. (Hopefully, you’ve talked and listened well enough on your first date to know her interests).

Don’t go for the call – she might just not answer it. Go for a text – it’s much safer plus you’re likely to let her in on your second date plans. You could tell her your plans even before she could say no, or even before your own fear and awkwardness takes you over. Carefully plan how and what to say to convince her to give it a second try;   use an emoticon or two to keep things light and easygoing.

Speak of easygoing; don’t make a big fuss of things. One, don’t call the ‘second date’ a ‘date’ – it will make her defensive and remind her about the first one. Second, don’t talk about the first date; don’t even mention it if possible (unless you did something that requires an apology). Don’t be too pushy either. She will think you’re desperately trying to get her to like you even after your horrible first date. That might be your intention but you can always be subtle about it!

Make sure you’d be your best self ever. Not everyone gets a second chance especially at dating so go ahead and make the most out of this. This might be your one big date and she might be the love of your life. Be your best self while at it baby!

For additional information and questions, email me at

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Bad Boy. Bad, Bad Boy.

Greetings good guys!

My relationship with Kate, like most relationships, started very strong then hit a bit of stormy weather – that’s normal.  But what is beyond normal are the corrective measures we have since taken not only to ‘right the ship’ but to ensure we would sail to the sunset together.  Communication is key.  All we did was to honestly list down traits and behaviors that we can and cannot tolerate.  We ended up with a list of do’s and don’ts that still grows as we go through life together.  For this post, allow me to share five guys’ traits which have proven to be the greatest threats to a happy and stable relationship.

Every guy in a relationship strives to be a good boyfriend; some hope to be the best!  Save your relationship and more often than not, the best way to get there is to know the traits of the bad. But sometimes the best way to define what good is, is to list down the bad; the things you need to avoid so you can be considered a good boyfriend.  Here are some of them

5 traits that your girlfriend won’t like

Here are the 5 traits that make you a bad boyfriend, and would make your girlfriend want to run away from you (for dear life!):

Possessiveness. First off, your partner, wife, girlfriend or lover is not your “possession.” They are not trophies or gadgets or any other inanimate object that you could put in your list of assets. She’s a human being with her own mind, her own will and the last (perhaps worst) thing you could do is hamper that freedom by trying to “own” her. Possessiveness is often manifested in extreme jealousy, making decisions for her, and telling her what and what not to do. While some women may allow you to walk all over them, it would not be healthy for either of you. A good committed relationship requires a lot of trust – knowing that she’ll come back to you even when you allow her go and do whatever she pleases.

Insensitivity. This shows that you lack of interest in your girlfriend or are to immersed in your own interests. When you’re too self-absorbed, chances are, you’ll hardly notice whatever is around you. Being sensitive means knowing that something is wrong even when she’s smiling or says she’s okay. Every woman wants that kind of man – someone who is sensitive enough to know her wants, needs, and feelings and would think about her welfare along with his own.

Dishonesty. Mutual trust is one of the key components of a happy and healthy committed relationship. And constant lying, whether on big and small things, will ultimately underline trust, which is a key component of a happy and stable relationship. It breeds doubt and mistrust, and your girlfriend will never believe, trust, or respect you. If you want your relationship to work, always be honest.

Party-Pooper-ness. A good and loving relationship seeks to nurture each other, where both parties find that they are growing and fulfilling their personal needs. A bad relationship is one that hampers this growth; and you’re a bad boyfriend if you become the biggest obstacle to her growth. Party-pooper boyfriends  always discourage and never encourage; they  think that their girlfriend’s dreams and ideas are nonsense and a total waste of time. This trait shows disrespect and mistrust, and will emotionally scar your girlfriend.

Abusiveness. Any form of abuse – physical, verbal, mental, sexual, even financial – is always bad for a relationship. If you maltreat your girlfriend in any way, then you are not just a bad boyfriend, you  need of immediate professional medical help.  Stay away from your girlfriend before you cause any more harm, or at least till you’ve consulted with a good psychiatrist.

Assess yourself: do you have any of these bad boyfriend traits? See this interesting article on how to make women laugh. It’s time to make her feel good prove you not that kind of boyfriend. :)

There’s more to relationships than just knowing what not to do. If you want to know what to do, buy our book: “We Are Each Other: The Kate & Jason’s Guide To Everlasting Love”; go here:

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