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Gym Seduction

Hello singles, couples and lovers!

Do you know that I first met Jason at a gym?  I must admit that I felt it was rather unusual because here in Hawaii, aside from the usual singles hangouts, many meet ups happen on a beach somewhere.  We have thousands of miles of coastline and thousands of people, both local and tourists, who are there to have fun almost any day of the week.  I distinctly remember that I was impressed by his determination to get in shape – both of us were trying to shed extra pounds then – which made me curious and want to compare the effectiveness of our respective routines.  And before we knew it our relationship had bloomed from being just casual acquaintances to the committed lovers and partners we have grown into.

The gym is one of the best places to meet women outside of the usual bars, clubs and parties. If you play your cards right, everything could work perfectly in your favor. And best of all, you’d get to meet women when they’re least inhibited, when they are more at ease, and more importantly, you won’t fall victim to makeup-pretty women because seriously, who wears makeup to the gym?!!! Date ideas? Click here!

So, to increase your chances of meeting women at the gym, you have to impress them and you have to do it convincingly.

Make a good impression

Here are some of the best tips on how to make a good impression on women and how to seduce women in the gym:

Watch what you wear. Just because you are going out to the gym to sweat profusely does not mean you don’t have to pay attention to what you are wearing. I cannot tell you exactly what you can and should wear, but I can give you a list of what you SHOULD NEVER, EVER wear. This list includes neons, spandex, skimpy Hulk Hogan-esque shirts, and shirts that could pass off as a dishrag. Stick to a look that is both comfortable and fashionable but not overboard eccentric.

Put hygiene on top of your priority list. Hygiene is important on a normal day, where you don’t sweat too much and you don’t spend hours sharing gym equipment with tons of other sweaty men. Hygiene becomes even more important if you are spending your time in the gym. Just imagine sweating out for hours and having to use the gym seats that have been soaked in someone else’s sweat (and all the bacteria that is soaking in it). And yes, just imagine how stinky you could get and how many diseases you could get on it. SO make sure that you have put on your heavy-duty deodorant, brought your very own towel, and an extra shirt.

Do not flex to impress women. One, you’re not Johnny Bravo or Popeye; two, women are not as visual as men when it comes to sex. So you’d have to be insane to think that flexing your muscles is a good way to impress her. Sure, it’s going to get her attention, but unfortunately, it won’t be in a good way. Act naturally because I don’t think she’s out there looking for The Rock’s movie double. Two, act naturally because she’d just laugh at you if you end up looking foolish instead of macho. And yes, drop the really big dumbbells unless that’s what your trainer has planned for your routine.

Don’t stare. It’s creepy as it is; it’s going to be even creepier in a gym setting. Look, smile your friendliest, and be generally nice. Don’t try to look sexy unless that’s something you’re very good at (Which I highly doubt because if you were, you wouldn’t really be reading this). A relaxed smile will show her that you’re having fun at what you’re doing and she’s going to get positive vibes from it.

And oh, don’t talk too much either.

So after reading the Do’s, read the Don’ts. And remember, put on your most confident self! Good luck!

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