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Let’s Talk Sports.

Hi fellas!

There was a time when I was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison when I tried out for the school’s basketball team.  Though I really never made it past the trials, it was evident that every game, even the trials, was heavily attended by really hot women. I even managed to get a few delighted squeals the couple of times I managed to score.  I remember thinking how hot I could have been in their eyes if I made it to the varsity team – and if I managed to make it as a starter – whoa!  All that’s water under the bridge now and I am very happy and more than just content with Kate and our relationship.  But that goes to show you how attractive to women athletes are!

There are three basic types of men that are most attractive to women: the artists, the musicians, and the athlete.

If you’re neither of the three, your best chance at channeling any of these three men in an attempt to attract women would be to try to be an athlete.

While the word athlete is, in its strictest sense reserved for the pros, take it from me my friends – it would be far easier to try to dribble and shoot a ball than to create a sculpture, a painting, or to play a tune on some instrument.

And so let’s discuss the 5 sports that are easiest to fake while helping to boost your attractiveness to ladies.

Sports that will make a girl crazy

Gentlemen (besides the conversational attraction techniques), go flex your muscles and get your athletic bone ready to make girls go crazy over you:

Basketball: Sure not everyone has the perfect build for it (don’t worry about it), but after marathon watching NBA Hardwood Classics, NBA 2K13, and hanging out with some baller friends at the neighborhood basketball court maybe you can copy Kobe Bryant’s stance. Maybe you can even try to shoot some hoops for real. We’re not gunning for pro level player here anyway; just something for the girls to cheer about. *Wink*

Swimming: Who does not appreciate a good swimmer? Be it at the beach or at the local swimming club, a few Ryan Lochte-esque strokes, flat tummy (if you don’t have yet your washboard abs), and the right outfit (or lack of it), will definitely get heads turning. So go ahead and practice those strokes you learned at PE class and put it to good use!

Soccer: Ah, but of course, how can we leave out one of the world’s most popular ball games? Everyone loves it (think: David Beckham). What can be so hard about kicking a ball around anyway? As long as it’s not on the pro level, you don’t need to be really good, so go and train your feet to kick at an angle, build a bit of cardio to run after the ball, and maybe if you’re really good, learn those knee and chest tricks that they do. Who knows, you may just meet your own Victoria on the pitch!

American football/rugby:   Ah, but of course. Football is one of the most masculine ball games – and one that you don’t need a lot of accessories to play. You just need to have legs for running, hands for catching, and the body to tackle (or at least pretend to) your playmates. This is a great game to play topless and on the beach or at the park. But remember, you have to have the muscles for it.

Golf: Two words: Tiger Woods. Who knew that this sport of retirees could be so attractive to young women? Golf is all sophistication and finesse and calmness. You get to meet women at the country club while you’re all decked out in well-pressed trousers, classic looking golfing shoes, collared sports shirts and the shades to go with it. PS: you have to have the money for membership, the golf clubs, and the fantastic five-course wine and dine dinner you must take the lady you meet at the lobby to.

You don’t have to be good at it; you’re not gunning for a pro career anyway. You just have to look good at it, or at least look charming while you suck at it. Remember, girls love athletes!

BTW… Thank you very much for the very positive feedback I received for my last blog post, it was a “blockbuster”! I am very glad a lot of people found it helpful. :)

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