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Bad Boy. Bad, Bad Boy.

Greetings good guys!

My relationship with Kate, like most relationships, started very strong then hit a bit of stormy weather – that’s normal.  But what is beyond normal are the corrective measures we have since taken not only to ‘right the ship’ but to ensure we would sail to the sunset together.  Communication is key.  All we did was to honestly list down traits and behaviors that we can and cannot tolerate.  We ended up with a list of do’s and don’ts that still grows as we go through life together.  For this post, allow me to share five guys’ traits which have proven to be the greatest threats to a happy and stable relationship.

Every guy in a relationship strives to be a good boyfriend; some hope to be the best!  Save your relationship and more often than not, the best way to get there is to know the traits of the bad. But sometimes the best way to define what good is, is to list down the bad; the things you need to avoid so you can be considered a good boyfriend.  Here are some of them

5 traits that your girlfriend won’t like

Here are the 5 traits that make you a bad boyfriend, and would make your girlfriend want to run away from you (for dear life!):

Possessiveness. First off, your partner, wife, girlfriend or lover is not your “possession.” They are not trophies or gadgets or any other inanimate object that you could put in your list of assets. She’s a human being with her own mind, her own will and the last (perhaps worst) thing you could do is hamper that freedom by trying to “own” her. Possessiveness is often manifested in extreme jealousy, making decisions for her, and telling her what and what not to do. While some women may allow you to walk all over them, it would not be healthy for either of you. A good committed relationship requires a lot of trust – knowing that she’ll come back to you even when you allow her go and do whatever she pleases.

Insensitivity. This shows that you lack of interest in your girlfriend or are to immersed in your own interests. When you’re too self-absorbed, chances are, you’ll hardly notice whatever is around you. Being sensitive means knowing that something is wrong even when she’s smiling or says she’s okay. Every woman wants that kind of man – someone who is sensitive enough to know her wants, needs, and feelings and would think about her welfare along with his own.

Dishonesty. Mutual trust is one of the key components of a happy and healthy committed relationship. And constant lying, whether on big and small things, will ultimately underline trust, which is a key component of a happy and stable relationship. It breeds doubt and mistrust, and your girlfriend will never believe, trust, or respect you. If you want your relationship to work, always be honest.

Party-Pooper-ness. A good and loving relationship seeks to nurture each other, where both parties find that they are growing and fulfilling their personal needs. A bad relationship is one that hampers this growth; and you’re a bad boyfriend if you become the biggest obstacle to her growth. Party-pooper boyfriends  always discourage and never encourage; they  think that their girlfriend’s dreams and ideas are nonsense and a total waste of time. This trait shows disrespect and mistrust, and will emotionally scar your girlfriend.

Abusiveness. Any form of abuse – physical, verbal, mental, sexual, even financial – is always bad for a relationship. If you maltreat your girlfriend in any way, then you are not just a bad boyfriend, you  need of immediate professional medical help.  Stay away from your girlfriend before you cause any more harm, or at least till you’ve consulted with a good psychiatrist.

Assess yourself: do you have any of these bad boyfriend traits? See this interesting article on how to make women laugh. It’s time to make her feel good prove you not that kind of boyfriend. :)

There’s more to relationships than just knowing what not to do. If you want to know what to do, buy our book: “We Are Each Other: The Kate & Jason’s Guide To Everlasting Love”; go here:

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