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Are You Up Shit Creek? Here’s What You Need To Know To Salvage Shit!

As my first post, I would like to help everyone who thinks misunderstandings are causing their relationships to go off track.

Do you know that I’ve gone through lots of relationships crises that you can almost consider me an expert in them?  Yes, it’s true.  Even my thriving and ever blooming relationship with the love of my life, Kate, had its low moments.  Perhaps the lowest was about a year back when we both fell prey to excessive familiarity.  The way we interacted with each other became so routine it almost killed off all the sparks of love we had for each other.  But we faced the problem head on and made a commitment to set aside time for us to be alone with each other – not necessarily on a full-blown date but just time set aside solely for us to be together.  We also pledged to be more demonstrative and vocal about our love for each other. It worked like a charm!

Every relationship has its ups and downs. It is not always about rainbows and butterflies; it is never a 365-day honeymoon period. But sometimes, some of these bad days are worse than others. And these are the times that put the relationship to the test.

When these times comes you have only two choices: fight or flight. You either quit and leave the relationship and your ladylove, or make an effort to save it.

5 simple techniques that you should know!

If you are experiencing these down times in your relationship, and you so badly want to keep it and keep your girlfriend, these 5 simple techniques might just be all you need to save your ailing relationship; these might be the exact same things that your girlfriend has so long been waiting from you:

Treat her in a more special and loving way. Treat her like she deserves – as the woman you love, and the only one that matters to you. You might have become so familiar with each other that your behavior becomes common, routine, and borderline boring. Go back to the days when you have just started dating, when you were still trying to win her. She would enjoy feeling the same love and attention you gave her in the past. It does not need to be anything grandiose and lavish; it could be as simple as holding her hands in public, helping her with the door, kissing her more frequently, etc.

Go out on dates regularly. You don’t need a special occasion to spend quality time together. Go someplace romantic, do something memorable, and do it as frequently as possible.  Don’t make it plain and routine, that’d make it boring and defeat its purpose. Again, it does not have to be grandiose – just special. And on these moments, don’t let anything distract you. This is your special moment; always savor it, prepare for it, and make her look forward to it. Visit SIBG for tips and techniques that will run your date perfectly!

Don’t fall asleep mad at each other. This is the secret of the longest lasting relationships I know. Before you go to bed, make sure you’ve resolved your differences and that you’ve made peace with each other. An argument that goes overnight is a bad thought to wake up to and ruins your entire day. Moreover, it gets you used to a hostile environment and that’s never a good thing for a relationship.

Always keep your communication lines wide open. Some couples have this bad habit of not talking to each other when they are mad. Some men just shut up when they are angry or during a confrontation; ironically, it is this frustrating silence which causes  women to actually nag more. These habits are bad. Always, always talk with each other no matter how angry you are. Talk normally even when you have not made peace yet – don’t make silence a habit that comes with every argument. And always keep your communication open and comfortable.

Always tell each other ‘I love you’. Remind yourself that you are in love; that you are in the relationship because you love her. And you have to remind yourself that so it channels in your actions towards her. And don’t forget to actually tell her that. Say it even when you’re mad, bored, or tired. Say it as often as you can to remind her why you should remain in a relationship with each other.

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