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She Already Dumped You. Forget Her…

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I just ran into an ex while I was visiting Moanalua Gardens Park.  She’officially an ex now but there was a time she dumped me after which I won her back; at least for some time.  The final time we parted it was a mutual decision; Lisa and I realized that we were really incompatible.  Because of that, our chance meeting and resulting conversation was pleasant.  It brought back only good memories.  My past with Lisa proved that getting dumped does not mean the end of your relationship is final.

She Already Dumped You. Forget Her…

Love may be lovelier the second time around, but getting there may not exactly be as easy.

Getting back with your ex-girlfriend is one huge decision that comes with even bigger requirements the moment you take it. It is twice, thrice, maybe even four or five times more difficult than winning her the first time around. This time you have a history. And while at some point it may be to your advantage, it is an obstacle most of the time. It will not be easy to woo her [6] this time around.

That is why you have to work harder and plan your dates more thoroughly. How you execute every date this time around will matter more than it did in the past. So where you take her to and what you do at every date will make or break your second chance at love.

Want her back?

After learning how to ask a woman out – advice from Sonic Seduction. Here are your best date options for winning your ex-girlfriend:

Relive your first meeting, first date, or any significant firsts the last time you were together. Man, you have history. You had better use that to your advantage! Use your good memories together, the ones that would conjure up the most poignant, Hallmark channel kind of stories that you shared. Tap into her emotion – remind her why she loved you the first time. Of course, get to work to make it more memorable for her this time around. You can view this article also by

Use all of her old favorites. You should know all these, so by all means use them to your advantage. Make her realize that you still treasure memories of her, that she matters enough for you to remember the little details about her. She may not mention it but trust me; she will notice it and it can only translate to plus points on the scoreboard for you.

Go the extreme lengths to win her back. Just as there were reasons she once loved you, she must also have had reasons to break up with you. And that’s something you’d like to push aside into the most inaccessible portions of your mind. Try to make your efforts to get back together bigger than the reason for the past breakup. Rent an ad space, have someone serenade her, or fill her bedroom with roses – you name it. Find something that will make her jaws drop and make her forget about and regret why she broke up with in the first place. Apart from that, you are also sending her the right message: you are a much better person now than the last time.

Two things that can help you make that elusive reconciliation happen: creativity and good memories. But you have to realize that your history with each other is a double edged sword; it can work for you in some instances, and the opposite in others.

And best of all, to pull this one off successfully, here are two things that you should never forget: (1) don’t bring up old fights and (2) don’t forget to apologize for what happened in the past.

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