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The One Week Plan

Hi guys!  

What does it really take to win the girl of your dreams? Does it take a lot of effort? Do you really need a lot of time? Or is it a combination of both?

I had some drinks with my good friend Al a couple of days ago.  I was pleasantly surprised when he told me that he and Vicky are still doing very well three years on.  The surprise part comes from knowing that they had a whirlwind courtship; such relationships don’t usually last.  However, Al and Vicky’s love for and commitment to each other allowed them to triumph over every obstacle that came their way.  I guess that proves that, given sufficient effort, it’s possible for “instant” relationships to last.

“Everything is almost instant these days. We are living such fast-paced lives that we ourselves cannot seem to do this one thing: wait. Fast food, speed dating, quickies – everything these days is a glamorized version of something instant, or an instant version of something glamorous.”

But…. Why is everyone in a hurry anyway? Why is everyone rushing everything including relationships?!

I am, traditional and old school-ish that I am, not the biggest fan of shortcuts and doing things hurriedly. I hate getting results half-baked. However, since everyone seems to be in a hurry and everything has to be done in a jiffy, these dating tips may be timely (Would anyone actually want me to give tips on long courtships?).

One week courtship plan!

So gents, here’s a one week courtship plan to convince her to become your girlfriend in just a week:

Day 1: Invite her for lunch. Lunch seems like a very friendly, but still very intimate, type of date. She would not get too confronted and too shocked with the idea of going out with you; remember, she is still getting used to the idea of having you around. Instead of taking her to a diner, go over to a quaint little resto or better yet show u with a picnic basket and take her to the nearest park.

Day 2: Randomly show up with some flowers. It is important that this day be free of any special occasion otherwise, your flowers won’t be as “random” as it is special. Don’t get those elaborate only-a-rich-Casanova-can-afford type of bouquets; go for one that is so simple that anyone would think it was spontaneous; that will make it so charming that she can’t resist it.

Day 3: Invite her on a fun and casual date. Beer and a local band, some dim sum, bowling – anything that will fit your description of “Casual” and “Fun” would do. This will give her a pretty clear picture of how much fun you can have together. Drop some hints of how great you feel when you’re together and how much fun it is. You also can drop a few compliments every now and then but don’t overdo it to the point of bordering on being creepy. But remember the rules on giving compliments to women!

Day 4: Take her out to a very romantic dinner. The secret to successfully implementing this one-week plan is to make sure that during this whole week you don’t act provocatively or even hint at anything sexual. That will just ruin the whole plan and she’ll be turned off.  The secret is to lay off sexual topics for as long as possible. It will make her respect you more for respecting her and for wanting her for more than just her body.

Day 5: Bring her somewhere that allows her to experience your hobbies. This is her not only getting to enjoy your company but this is actually the first step to her entering your world. What better way to know the person than to experience the things that he loves doing, right?

Day 6: Invite her over to dinner at your place. This move is basically opening up your life to her – and there’s not a better place to do that than at your most vulnerable and yet most comfortable space: your home. But of course you have got to prepare yourself and your home for it.

Day 7: Ah, but of course, this is the day of the big reveal. This should be special and memorable but without going overboard -don’t make it too hard to top as you may have to propose marriage one day! Take her out at sunrise, or somewhere very scenic – this is important; beautiful views greatly increase your chances of getting a positive answer.

The great thing about this is that you’ve put enough effort without taking too long to execute the plan. Remember, girls love effort! And that’s as much as you can do in a week to convince a lady – in the most proper way – to become you ladylove.

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