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2014 Resolutions!

Happy-New-Year-2014-1-1Hello fellow lovers!

Before I met Kate, you can say that I’ve been around the block more than once.  Because of this I’ve gone through a number of terms of endearment from honey, babe, sweetheart, etc.  I try not to use the same term of endearment I’ve already used before on an ex so the list can be a bit long.  Now however, I have the love of my life and I’ve settled on calling her ‘gorgeous.’  I keep reminding Kate that to me, no matter how  much time passes, she will always be my gorgeous angel.  And she simply calls me ‘blue eyes’ short, she says, for ‘blue-eyed angel.’

Relationships give you the  perfect excuse to call the girl you like the cheesiest, silliest names you can imagine. But just like fashion, some terms of endearment are better off forgotten in the closet or given away to charity. They just should not be allowed to cross over to the next year.

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Terms of endearment to let go

So unless you’ve been in the same relationship for quite a while, there is no reason to use these terms of endearment for your new relationship in 2014. Why? Because it’s so 2013 (or even older!). Here are some of the terms of endearment to let go for the new year:

Babe/baby. Baby is so 2000s. Everyone’s using it. Every couple in their 20s and below use babe and baby and your new relationship should not join the bandwagon. Can you not be any more creative than that? Britney used this when she was 18 and that was more than ten years ago. So, yeah, you kinda’ get the picture. PS: this has also become a favorite term of endearment between girlfriends and fake friends, all the more reason to actually ditch the nickname for your new girlfriend.

Sweetheart. Unless you’re forty or something, this term is reserved for married couples who have been together at least ten years. Yes, the ten year minimum term is an important requisite, really. This is what mommies call their kids, or what godmothers call their kids. This is what grammy calls you too. So forget about calling your new 2014 girlfriend ‘sweetheart’; wait until you stay married by 2024 at least.

Darling. Another Grandma/Grandpa lovey name. You can reserve this for when you have your very first grandchild. And that won’t be until like 30 or so years from now, that’s quite a long time to find other appropriate terms of endearment before you succumb into the ‘darling’ stage of the relationship.

Sweetie Pie. This is a derivative of ‘Sweetheart’ so it falls under the exact same category.  Forget about using it for the coming new year.

Cupcake. With all those reality shows about cupcakes and cupcake makers over the last two years or so, cupcakes rose to insurmountable fame over those years as well. And ‘cupcake’ has also become a popular nickname for lovers. But the cupcake fad is almost over; the reality show and terms of endearment both. I’d be damned if veggies become the next ‘in’ thing in food reality shows and everyone starts calling each other soybean and sprouts and tofu. But cupcake will have to go for 2014. Try cronuts this year.

Boo. I don’t remember when the song ‘My Boo’ came out and hit the charts. All I know is that it has been so long ago that people just shouldn’t use ‘Boo’ anymore unless addressing their cute, puffy little fur ball of a puppy.  But your girlfriend, not really. Boo should really be back to being the childspeak for ghosts anyway.

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If you want to keep things classic, ‘Honey’ is your best option. Maybe because honey doesn’t spoil ever? But don’t forget to consider whatever pop culture thing is going to trend this year. Happy New Year!

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