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Jokes Are Useless To Be Used Against Funny Women!!

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I’ve never been very comfortable around funny women.  I think that must be because I always try to be funny around the women that I fancy; my ex, Ruby, is the exception.  She and I met on one of the many great beaches here in Moanalua, and she almost immediately had me laughing my head off – she was that funny. Anyway, I kind of saw her great sense of humor as a challenge; I had to prove I can be at least as funny as she was.  We were on for about a year, laughing at each other’s jokes much of the time.  Unfortunately, career took her someplace I was not willing to go and we parted ways.  But it sure was great while it lasted.

Funny women are much harder to impress than regular women. While they may be among the friendliest types of people around, their sense of humor that makes them extra nice to people are what makes them difficult to please. For one, funny women are really, really smart and they can so easily see past your pretense. You can just sashay around in your best pose or your generic pickup lines; that won’t sell you for your targeted funny lady. Is Long distance relationships – tips on how to make them work?

You have to step up to get her attention, to make her want to listen to you and to keep her pinned there. You have to make sure that you have something most other men, especially her guy buddies (which she likely has tons of) have not shown her yet.

Ways to Impress Her

So you want to impress her? Here are 5 things you have to remember the next time you go face-to-face with that one funny lady you’ve been fancying:

1. Talk about your interests. Intelligent women love men who know tons of things. And these funny girls are not the kind who would mind you being a little too dorky about the things that you like. These are women that know passion; these are women who are interested in learning about tons of new things. So whether you’re a fanatic of Norwegian cooking, crazy about computer games, or you have a deep-seated obsession with ancient cards, trust me she will listen if you talk about it in the most interesting way.

2. Be funny. And if you’re not the funny type, well, you can at least try? Funny women are mostly nice and friendly, and unless we’re talking about women who make people laugh for a living, she won’t be very critical about it. So try to be funny to her, she is likely to appreciate it.

3. Find a way to show her some talent of yours. So you have a knack for card tricks, huh? Or you could put a seasoned magician to shame with your magic tricks? Or maybe you could belt out a tune or two. Whatever your talent is, now is the right time to really, really flaunt it because it will definitely get you places with this funny woman. Adam Sandler’s character wasn’t exactly the sexiest man around Drew Barrymore’s character in 50 First Dates, but those ukulele chops really did him a lot of good in impressing her!

4. Tease her. Egg her to say something funny to you. Be playful around her and tease her without offending her. Your playful attitude will likely make her open up to you more and be comfortable around you.

5. Don’t forget to compliment her. So after teasing her and playing around with her, never forget to leave a lasting compliment. Avoid compliments that are very generic and only skin-deep. Funny as they are, these women are, more often than not, very deep thinkers and they would like to think you appreciate them for more than just their looks. Keep the physical compliments at a minimum, and focus more on all her other traits – smart, funny, fun to be with.


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